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thread: Home Pregnancy Tests (HPT's)

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    Home Pregnancy Tests (HPT's)

    Check out the Pregnancy Tests - How Do They Work? article on the main BellyBelly website. Or this thread by Astrolady.

    Below are comments made by members across the forums in the past few years on all things about pregnancy test‚?‚?¶.

    From the above article: Your body may be producing hCG before your period is due, however it is ideal to test on the first day of your missed period. If you were to test earlier than the first day of your missed period, the result may be incorrect. It may show a negative result if your hCG levels are not yet high enough to detect the pregnancy, or it may show a positive result and not develop into a true pregnancy due to the incidence of spontaneous abortions, which can occur before your period is due.

    Astrolady says:The sensitive ones can pick up as early as 3 days prior to when AF is due. I got my BFP at 10dpo and Kelly (BellyBelly) got hers (although faint) at 9dpo.

    Sarah_H says: I got a negative at 10DPO & then a positive at 13DPO.... So some people get positives really early, while it takes others a bit longer. It's really up to you when to test after 10DPO, but just know that the earlier you test, the more likely you are to get a false negative.

    mouse_9_2001 says: I tried testing at what I though was 11 dpo, but got a neg, but then I found out I was only 9 days past or something like that so it was too early. So then going by my new ovulation date I tested again at 11 dpo and got a bfp! it was faint but it wasn't too faint (I used a Fortel early one). We just couldn't wait any longer, but I think if u test early you may have to prepare for a negative, and then a positive later one

    Kirsty77 says: I used a discover one and I got a positive at 12 DPO! My doc has said to me in the past though that there is no such thing as an early detection HPT as it depends on the woman and hormones as to when she gets a positive.

    Jackie says: I used Crystal Clear as well and got a line also about 10DPO, if I remember correctly it says on the box that you test after 7DPO, but not sure anymore. Like others have said though, it's different for everyone.

    staceyl says: I too used Fortel ultra early (then many, many others) but didn't get a clear BFP till about 5 days after AF was due, which drove me crazy. I did get a few very, very faint lines on a couple of HPTs before I got the clear result, but these were also after AF was due. As the packet says, it can detect early, but not with all women, it depends on the amount of the pregnancy hormone you produce.

    Jillian says: I got a neg on DPO11 and the positive on 13 and 14.

    AJ says: I personally didn't get a BFP till 15dpo (BFN at 10 and 13)


    From the above article: It's normal for the result on the pregnancy test to be either fainter or darker than the control line. The reason it may be fainter could be due to less hCG in your urine, especially very early in your pregnancy. It may be darker if your pregnancy is more progressed. Occasionally the test may display a 'shadow' line when the positive result should be, disregard this if you cannot see it when holding the test at arms length away from you.

    Sarah_H says: They say that if you can see the line at arm's length away it's considered a BFP, otherwise it's a BFN.

    Tigergirl1980 says: I used Fortel ultra tests and also got very very faint lines, I kept doing the days a part and still only got faint lines, I tried others and got a mixture of results, I finally gave in and thought I probably am pregnant and went to the doctor, and bingo, I was.

    Berry says: Maybe its something to do with the Fortel brand, as I had an exceptionally faint line. I visited the doctor and he did a repeat test (another urine one), and he said the line was faint again due to the very early stage, but nevertheless the result was PREGNANT!

    westy says: I have used the Fortel brand also and got a very very faint line. However they say it doesn't matter on the brightness of the line as long as there is a line it is a positive result. I did test a few days later suggested and yep I was pg.

    webbmeg says: I got a faint line very early on and was pregnant. They say you only ever get the second line (faint or dark) if you're pregnant

    Bin123 says: I had the most faintest line on Monday and found out on Wednesday that I am 4 weeks pregnant!

    Flea says: With this pregnancy I only got the *faintest* bfp the day AF was due. It took almost a week after that for the line to darken up, and I was using an early HPT as well. I tested with an early HPT about 2 days before AF was due and was still getting BFNs


    From the above article: The test result should be read from 5 minutes and no later than 10 minutes. If any lines do appear after 10 minutes, it is still a negative result and must be disregarded. If you read the test sooner than 5 minutes, it may also be inaccurate as it has not had enough time to work.

    Janice says: many of my HPTs go faintly positive after about 10 mins, and each time, I have not been pg. If a line does not appear in 5-7 mins, in general, you are not pg (as much as I convinced myself otherwise at the time!)

    Lucy says: When I was testing with Olivia's pregnancy I tested at 12 DPO and the line came up after about 15 mins and I thought I could be "just an evaporation line" but I tested again the next day & it came up more quickly and stronger.
    So it could be an evaporation line, or it could be a faint positive? It really depends on the brand of HPT and if your sis used FMU and how many days DPO she is...

    Astrolady says: The packet usually says if you can't see the line at arms length in the nominated time then you should disregard it


    KeenAs says: I have had one or two that have shown positive results after about 10 minutes and unfortunately I was not pg. Was told they were likely evaporation lines.

    megan says: I had what I think was an evaporation line last week. It came up after about 10 minutes or so but it was a similar colour to the test, not pink or anything like the control line.

    Flea says: As far as I understand it evaporation lines will have NO colour at all. They look like a shadow. A faint BFP will have a trace of pink/blue.


    Astrolady says: You can get just the standard one "Fortel home pregnancy test" or the "Fortel Ultra Pregnancy Test" which is Rapid midstream test (1-5 minutes, 10 mlU/ml) for the qualitative determination of hCG in human urine.

    Sarah_H says: I used Fortel Ultra which is supposed to be super sensitive & can give a BFP from 8DPO, or so it says. For me though I got a BFN at 10DPO then my BFP at 13DPO.

    Cailin says: Fortel Ultra works best for me! Its my lucky test

    kazz30 says: I have used Fortel and Crystal Clear and found I got better results from Fortel.

    cplath says: Pregnosis measures as low as 25 ml 7-10 days after conception and claims to be 99% accurate.

    Colleen says: I've used Pregnosis tests to diagnose both my recent pregnancies as early as a week before AF was due - unfortunately they didn't stick, but the test was really great. I did however notice a difference between the in-stream one and the cup test - cup test seemed a lot more sensitive because it was actually resting in the urine where the in stream one was only in the urine for 5 seconds or so.

    BellyBelly says: I've had all my best, strongest results with Discover OneStep. Discover are more expensive, but they use a more advanced technology and I for one think they are of the best quality available. They can detect pregnancy up to 3-4 days before your period is due now I think...

    Astrolady says: I only use Discover One Step as well which I picked up from my local Amcal Chemist. I think for 2 tests they were $17.95 in my Amcal. It may be different price for different states though not sure.

    Angel says: I have found the Crystal Clear Midstream tests to be really good. I got a BFP at only 10DPO with them this pg and have never gotten evaporation lines with them. I got a twin pack for around $14.

    Kelli D says: I used Crystal Clear tests and they were great, but then again I used them >14 dpo (and the line was really bright!!)

    Melinda says: I found Fortel to be really useless for me. I know others swear by them, but they're not for me. I found the 'Crystal Clear' brand to be the best for me!

    mooshie says: I have only used the crystal clear and they have been right all the time. I remember with Lani I was only 2 days late and I didn't even need to wait for the two lines to appear they came up practically as soon as the stick was put in the urine.

    Lucy says: I have a "lucky" brand, with all of my BFP's I have used "Precise" from the supermarket: cheap and cheerful. (Plus I always do loads in the first few weeks, and I always use this brand!)

    Beckibee says: I got my strongest and quickest response with Clear Blue when I tested in the ladies' toilets at lunchtime! *LOL* I did another 4 tests (all Fortel Ultra) over the next three days and they only gave me very faint positives. I know a + is a positive, but still.
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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2006
    Adelaide Australia

    Apparantly the Lullaby conception test

    www.lullabyconceptions.com are able to test at 10mlU

    I have some but am waiting for a few more days to test. only 4DPO

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    JamieR Guest

    Thats a lot of info. Thank you for sharing. I can forward it to my friends too.

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    May 2007

    That info was really helpful , Might try testing tomorrow morning with my first loo visit lol, I'll be 12dpo i think lol

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    Aug 2007

    Anyone got a postivie using Pregnow? (the stick in the cup kind).

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    Mar 2007

    Just searching through old forums and found this.

    YES! I have gotten a few BFPs with pregnow sticks (measures at least 10mIU hcg) last month and also just today!!!!!! They're really really sensitive tests. I'm probably only about 3wks 6days pregnant too.
    2nd line came up immediately, althought faint... a line is a line!!!

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    Renstar that is great news, i am still waiting for AF after my M/C.

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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Just a little thing to add about the lullabye conceptions- you can also get 20miu tests which are VERY sensitive i have used these at 10dpo and gotten faint lines- but then AF- however when i used a 10miu i would get a BFN...

    Just on thurs i did a test at 16dpo with a 10miu and got a faint line- i immidiately pulled out my 20miu and got the darkest BFP i have ever seen!!!!!!

    Mind you- any OPK i tried was never a true positive!!!! I got a few close to the test line- So according to them i got preg either ovulating 3 times in a month or without ovulating at all!!!!!! Go figure!! I think with opks- you need to do it at the exact time- and i just never quite did!!!

    WOW Congrats Renstar!!!! We are belly buddies!! I got mine on thurs!!!!!! Wow!!!

    Love starbright aka Katti81

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    Mar 2007

    Starbright! Thank you!! Congrats to you too hun! I wrote in your thread!! (i am in the 2nd Aug thread )

    thats great news about the LC 20mIU ones, as i just bought 10 more off the net yesterday!! Yippeee!!!

    i wonder why if you tested with a 10mIU and got only a faint line, but then the 20mIU gave you a darker line?? why would that happen?? I hope it works for me!!! My line on the pregnow 10mIU is only faint (but clearly seen by an arms length and came up immediately!!!) so hopefully the 20mIU one goes darker!!!

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    Aug 2005

    Hi REnstar,
    Not sure if i already congratulated you,but wanted to make sure. Wishing you the happiest and healthiest pregnancy and a wonderful bundle that sticks.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Yeah Renstar- the 10 is less sensivite than the 20-

    You nut case!!! Ordering new tets so you can see the lines!!! I love it!!!! I am sure the 20miu will give you the same result i got when my 10miu was faint....

    its just when the 20's r faint that it might be bad news- i caught a few 'close calls"- i would get a faint line on day 28 of a 33-34 day cycle with the 20miu- then BFN form day 29-33 then AF wwould arrive on Day 34-(happened three months in a row )

    So my body would i guess be trying to make an egg stick and be releaseing some hcg- but not enuogh for a viable preg- that why i opted for the less sensitive ones- i figured i was emotionally better off getting BFN's than getting my hopes up for nothing... Then to my suprise- the month i waited until day 33... well i got my BFP!!!

    I am sure its all good news Renstar- i'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you!!!

    Take care!!!

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    Mar 2007

    Pollyanna - aww thanks hun!! so sweet of you!

    Starbright - oh really?! i actually thought the less HCG a test picks up, then the more stronger it would be!!! iykwim?!?! because if you have say 30 miu in your blood, and you test with a 10 miu hpt, then it will be sooo dark, whereas the 20miu may not be as dark?!?!?!?? haha nah never mind... thats what i thought it was all about anyway.....

    Oh i hope sooo much this little one sticks!!! I actually didn't mean to test so early, i thought i was actually 16dpo when i tested a few days ago and it was BFN!! then i tested 3 days later (sunday!) and it was !!! and so i must be about 14dpo and O'd later. like cd18.... I should be due 18Aug approx!!!!
    i just hope it sticks .... i have really good feelings about it all and really good symptoms to make me think it will!! yay!

    All the best Starbright!!! I wish you the happiest and healthiest pregnancy and beyond!!!

    BTW - have you used a "pregnosis" brand test? measures 20-25mIU hcg and i bought a twin pack today.... anyone know if they are any good? from chemist...
    i'm waiting for my LC's to come weds/thurs, i wanted to get more (20miu ones) so i can ensure i'm still UTD!!!!!!! especially after last month.... TBH i think lots of women keep testing for at least 2 weeks after!!!!! I will be! hehe until i get peace of mind around 6wks preg

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    I think they are pretty good- let me know how you go- you will see what i mean when you poas!!! Watch that dark line appear!!!

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    Mar 2007

    thanks heaps you give me hope!!!! I will wait til FMU tomorrow..

    all the best Starbright!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Hey renstar- u might not need to wait till the morning- how many do u have- i just did one on a 10miu and (like JUST then) and it was as dark as my 20miu was on Friday!!! This is good!! My hcg is getting higher!!!!!

    Goodluck anyway!!

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    Mar 2007

    i've got no 10miu left! only 20-25miu ones (pregnosis i bought today!) should i test on one? i've had a fair bit of water today and 2 cups of ginger beer this arvo?!?!?! i dont want to get a BFN as i'll get disappointed then!

    congrats on your hcg! have u had your BT done? what was the hcg levels?

    oh just found this extract from above!!!

    cplath says ‚€“ Pregnosis measures as low as 25 ml 7-10 days after conception and claims to be 99% accurate. cool!!

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    Jun 2007
    Where Chaos is fun and plentiful!!!!

    Yeah rememebr the 20-25 are more sensitive than the 10 silly!!! Still wait for the morning if you want- but i reckon you will be right- i have had a bt- but no results yet- i did another test today though and its still really dark- so so far so good!!!

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    Mar 2007

    do ya think they are? i got a I dont think they work for me!!!!! i should have waited for FMU tomorrow! damn it! wasted $5 lol i am ok about it though as i know i have symptoms and nausea still so all will be good!

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