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Thread: How do I use an OPK correctly?

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    deedeeze Guest

    Default How do I use an OPK correctly?

    I bought some OPKs and tried them last cycle wit not much more than a feint line. The coverline came up fine though.

    Just wondering, they say that you should test between 10am and 6pm but I have read somewhere that 2pm is the best. Do I have to refrain from drinking fluid for 2 hours before to concentrate my urine? Can I do it at 6pm when I get home (don't fancy doing it in the toilet at work)?

    Thanks so much

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Dee

    Yep you ahve to try to refrain from drinking to much liquid before you do them and I used to do them when I got home from work at about 5-6pm and they worked for me.


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    deedeeze Guest


    Thanks Kirsty

    I will start this weekend and see how I go.

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