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Thread: how long after positive OPK to BD?

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    babyBB Guest

    Default how long after positive OPK to BD?

    Hi Everyone,

    Can someone please tell me...after you get a positive OPK result, when does that mean you should ovulate?

    And once you have a positive OPK, do you start BD straight away or say in 24hours or so?

    I used an OPK for the first time this month and got a positive on the 25th, though I had no idea you had to check that the line was darker than the test line. I am pretty sure it was a positive though as I was a bit crampy in lower back and I heard this could be ovulation pains. We BD'd the morning after the positive OPK (which was the night before) as well as the next day.

    So to summarise....OPK was pos+ on 25th. We BD'd on 26th and 27th.

    Do you think I got the timing right? Or are you meant to start BD earlier (ie straight after pos+ OPK)?

    I'm confused!

    And the TWW is killing me #-o

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Your timing sounds bang on(hehehe)!You normally O about 6-36 hours after a posivitive OPK.


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    Your timing sounds great to me as well. Goodluck.


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    Sounds pretty good to me, OPKs usually show a positive result 24 - 36 hours BEFORE ovulation (the tests may vary depending on which brand you use) so i think you have timed BD perfectly.

    I BD on the tuesday night, got a positive OPK on the wednesday night but didnt BD and then BD on Thursday night and wallah!! it worked for me!!

    Good luck!!

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