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Thread: how long before I can test!

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    Default how long before I can test!

    Hi guys, I am new to this and have a question.

    I have a crazy cycle and have started using the o tests. How long aftermy o date before I can do a preg test??

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    Shan - it really depends on the strength of the pregnancy test. Some claim to work before your period is due, however I strongly recommend not testing until AF is late. I have gotten to know a lot of women in here, and some of them have regretted testing earlier than that because they went on to loose the baby after only a few days. Better to wait until AF (Aunty Flo = your period) is late. AF is usually due 14 days after you ovulate. Good luck!

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    I agree with oscaroscar. You're best to wait until at least 14DPO. (I got my BFP at 17DPO - still a BFN at 15DPO) Its such an excruciating wait but most tests, even though they may say otherwise on the packet, aren't reliable until AF is late.

    Good luck

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    I would say save yourself the anxiety of a possible false result and wait till AF is late.
    I've also had +ves that later were -ve.

    Having said that I tested at 12 dpo and had a +ve that thankfully stayed +ve and the result is grinning away in my ticker!

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    thanks guys. It really is a horrible wait. Not sure exactly when AF is due but will wait to the end of the month to test just to be sure!!
    I have sore boobs and have got a bit of minor cramping. Dont know if it is just wishful thinking though.

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    I would wait.... its like a double blow when you test and get a -ve, and then have Af come that day (HPTs always seem to induce AF!) or the next. Some people can get a +ve 10-14 days after O, before AF is due. Some people don't ever get a +ve HPT, and can only get a quantitative blood test to confirm.

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