thread: How long do you show ferns for?

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    Oct 2004
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    How long do you show ferns for?

    Hi all,

    Ok I have been using the microscope at work and I calculated I would be ovulatingon the 9/9 and there were ferns on the slide then. Now a week on there still is (on a fresh sample of course) is that normal? How long does it continue to fern for??

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    OK, basically when I started using my microscope I had partial ferns up til I got a full fern and now I have nothing.
    I still use it everyday, as it states.

    "Even though you think you know your ovulation pattern, you have to assume that when it gives you a full fern you are about to ovulate" Well thats what I was told anyways.

    So in other words, you can still get full ferns or even partial ferns after ovulation.

    Are you temping?

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    Jul 2004
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    Basically ferns only tell you when you are fertile...Maybe baby does not predict Ovulation. The best way to pinpoint when you O is to temp.

    You are fertile from 4 days before O to 2 days after according to MB's fact sheet.

    I usually have partial ferns and full ferns for about 3-5 days.

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    Oct 2004
    Cairns QLD

    No I'm not temping, I really don't want to get to full on with charting my cycle. IMO thats when things start to go wrong... anyway. I did another saliva slide this morning and will have a look at it tomorrow if I get a chance to go up to work. I use the microscope there.

    I think what I might do is BD as much as I can (or want) from when AF finishes and then stop a day or so after the ferns start to show up. I just want a girl....

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    Feb 2005


    MaybeBaby also measures other hormones not just LH surge hence why you would get ferning for a while.

    Temping without MaybeBaby is actually more accurate according to my specialist who told me to stop using MaybeBaby as it never gave me an accurate reading... I did become pregnant by just temping (however miscarried)... OPKs are recommended to use also as they just measure LH Surge, however I never get a positive OPK. Hope that helps.


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    ness Guest

    I have had ferns ranging from 5 days in a row to about 10 days.
    Sometimes the ferns are there one day and gone the next. Sometimes I think one of the little ferny things must have slipped down the side so I try and clean it really really really well to be certain they can't hide as I don't get why they can be there one day and they go and then they come back again. Hmmm
    Hope all goes well for you

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    Oct 2004
    Cairns QLD

    I'm not using maybe baby or anything like that, I just spit on a slide and look at it under the microscope at work.

    The main reason I don't think temping would work for me is I would always forget to do it. Don't you have to do it when you first wake up? I first wake up to DS so I am up and about before my eyes are open basically.

    Thanks for the information though. Its all useful