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    How many days do you generally get a + OPK? So far I've had a very strong + over the past 4 days.

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    Which brand are you using? It should only be positive for a day or two but I know some brands can show a strong positive for longer. When I use Confirm I get a 7 day positive. Using Fortel at the same time it only shows positve for 1 day, sometimes 2.

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    I have usually only got very faint ones for about 2-3 days each cycle.
    Last cycle it started off faint and then work to one with the same colour/ darker than the control, so 2 days faint, then 2 strong days. I say that there were 2 strong days because as i got closer i used 2 different brands- one was ovunow (internet ones) and fortel. Ovunow gave me the line darkest first and fortel the next day.

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    same as the other gals have said - you really shouldnt get it for more than 2 days running. It is meant to predict an LH surge to show you are due to ovulate in the next few days, so to have it happen that many days in a row is very strange... hope it works out

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    Hi Kizzy,

    It does depend on the brand but usually its 1-2 days but 3 days isn't unhead off. As Sunny_summer was saying, some women can get whats called as a fade in pattern - which is handy because you know that you are getting close, great if you are trying for a specific gender.

    If your positives are extremely positive for 4 days, i have to ask is it possible that you could be pregnant? When was your last period? was it a normal period or lighter than normal?

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