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Thread: HPT- Discovery One Step

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    hopefullmum2b Guest

    Question HPT- Discovery One Step

    Hi everyone,

    has one ever used or are familiar with the 'Discovery One Step HPT'?

    Are they accurate, do they give false readings?

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    I usually buy these ones - I like them as i think they are easy to test and clear to read. All mine have been BFNs but that's because I've not been pg!! LOL! More recently I bought some LC HPTs as they are really sensitive.

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    chook Guest

    Question Faint Lines

    For the past three days I have used Disc One Step and had faint lines each time....what does this mean? Positive or Negative??

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    Hi Chook - Faint lines are positives as long as you can see the line at an arm lengths distance and the lines continues to get darker each day ..... I guess a congrats are in order ???? You lucky thing.

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