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Thread: HPT sensitivity

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    Default HPT sensitivity

    Hi all,

    Where can I find out how sensitive an HPT is?

    I've got two at home - First Response and Crystal Clear. First response has given me two BFNs (at 10 and 12DPO) and haven't used the Crystal Clear yet.

    Just trying to work out if I'm testing too early for the test type.

    Appreciate any help.

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    First Response are usually 25miu sensitive so can work upto 4days before expected period... but often not clear til at least expected period date....

    and crystal clear hav a higher success rate for 4days pre period testing.

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    Still not always come up in right time. I have had a BFN at 12DPO and a BFP at it can be tricky. I understood FR to be the most reliable of the very sensitive ones

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