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Thread: if anyone could help?

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    kirsty_lee Guest

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    Hey i'm new to this site, just wanting some advice from people who've been in the same position as me. or know someone who has. I've been feeling a bit off lately, nausea, headaches, cramps, put on weight and EXTREMELY tired. I took a clearblue digital test today, it came up negative. Last time i did one and it came up negative i sort of accepted it and moved on. However this time, i just get this feeling that i really am pregnant. Can anyone else give me advice?

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    Hi, welcome ..Is your period late as yet.. Can you go and get a blood test at the Dr to make sure.. hope it all works out for you

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    kirsty_lee Guest

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    well, im on the pill, and i havent had my period for a few months cause i have them quite painfully. I have missed the pill in the past few weeks. The only thing is i have a fear of needles... haha so im sort of hoping anyone has any advice before i actually have to go for one.

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    Hi Kirsty-Lee,

    I agree with Annie, definitely see the doctor, especially if you are on the pill. they will probably get you to do another wee test before a blood test. It is always a good idea to get unusual symptoms checked out. If you are pregnant you obviously would be looking to stop the pill ASAP.



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