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Thread: is it or isnt it??????????

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    Unhappy is it or isnt it??????????

    Hi i thought i would add this post in here, as i have also become a HPT ADDICT.
    Yesterday I done a one step "internet cheapy" with the first morning urine, and i got a faint positive. So along i went to the supermarket and bought a load of ADSA brand HPT'S. I done one that afternoon, without holding bladder and it came up negative.
    So i waiting till first urine this morning and i done 1 internet cheapy 10mlu and one ASDA 25mlu with the same first morning urine. They both come up with faint positives. I am now on CD39 which is not normal for me. Surely by now they should be darker than these "faint lines" im getting. Has anyone else experienced this? Did you turn out to be PG or not?
    All the lines came up within approx 2 minutes. But during the course of the day fade very slightly and become kind of "use you imagination line/faintlines" I have compared the ones i have done to tests that i have not yet used, and the lines are not on the one i havent used and definately there on the ones i have used.
    This is all doing my head in.
    I now have bad throat, tiredness and my CM is going a yellowy light browny colour.
    I dont have any symptoms of AF showing. But still anxious none the less, and im still waiting for my GP appoinment tuesday to get her to request BT.

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    You could well be pg. Don't bother with any more hpts as I think they will just stress you depending on how faint the line is. Wait for your appointment with the doc and get the blood test done as soon as you can. Although most women find that the lines get darker as the days go by some women don't find that so don't worry about that too much. Good luck.

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    My 1st pregnancy got the faintest second line, which - like you, stressed me out! But, I was pregnant - and it was a flawless pregnancy.

    A faint line is a positive - next step is to get the blood work at the doctors.

    Spotting is normal in very early pg - at this stage with all 3 of my pgs I kept checking that AF hadn't arrived because of heavy CM (which was brownish too).

    Good luck with the dr.

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    I am now 6 weeks pregnant and i didnt get a proper positive untill AF was over a week late.
    I was getting very very faint lines but only on pregnosis all the other were BFN. The pregnosis lines never got any darker so i went for bloods and they came back neg so 3 days later did another HPT and was a dark BFP and then bloods confirmed.

    So try not to stress as it aint over yet. Sounds very positvive to me!!!!!!!
    Good luck

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    Georgette please read the other thread you started

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