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Thread: low progesterone and HPT?????

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    Default low progesterone and HPT?????

    hi my name is katrina and i am currently on a clomid cycle. i had a blood test to check my P4 level and it came back at 4. i was supposed to start primulot n today but instead did a pregnancy test. last night i also did one and it came up with a very faint line 30sec the one i did this morning also was very faint but came up quickly. i am not getting my hopes up yet but wondering if i was possible to pregnant with a very low P4. it was taken around 7dpo. i used the fortel ultra sensitive EPT.

    are there any other ladies who have gotten pregnant and styed pregnant with a very low P4 level


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    Hi there

    I was under the understanding that you need at least a level of 20 to fall pregnant. BUT saying that, if you got a faint line thats usually means you are pregant. Was the Prog test done at the right time?? Maybe it was to early??
    I would certainly get a blood test done.
    Good luck.

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