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    Hi all,
    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with OPK's and HPT's from Lullaby conceptions. I ordered a bulk batch of both, used the opk's and got negatives then got 2 faint positives but nothing darker- hoped that I was ovulating and we only managed to bd three times in those two days.
    Yesterday I was feeling as if AF was arriving but she hasn't as yet. Just for interests sakes I did a HPT and OPK and both turned up with faint positives. Did another HPT this morning and another faint positive. Had a recent early m/c and don't feel as though I am pregnant (really felt it last time) so am assuming something is wrong with these tests?
    Sorry for long post, any help would be appreciated!

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    Hi Emma,
    Thanks for reply.
    M/C was about 5 weeks ago and I was 4 weeks preg. Have done a hpt since the m/c (couple of weeks ago) and it came up negative?

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    Cadence, when you get a faint positive on an ovulation test, you are meant to take that as a negative. the test line needs to be the same or darker than the control line for a positive.

    However, when you get a faint positive on a HPT, then usually that indicates a positive pregnancy!!! I hope that's what it really means for you! Maybe test for pregnancy again in the morning and if the line is darker, go get a BT. But like Emma said, it could be a result of your previous m/c....

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    Hi Cadence,
    I have successfully used Lullaby opk's and hpt's so I feel I may be able to help you.

    It is true and accurate that you are 'supposed' to get a line darker than or the same as the control line on an opk to call it positive. However, a large number of women don't get that. (ME!) A feint line on an opk from lullaby always means I have, am about to or am ovulating. Some women just don't get the dark absolute positive surge. This is for varying reasons. One is the surge can be short and sharp so is easily missed by testing. EG: if you get the LH surge say at 7 am but don't test using an opk until 6pm you may get a feint line. I used many different brands of opk's before realising this. I never have once got a true positive but have fallen pregnant when I have bd'd seeing the second feint line.

    As for the feint positive hpt - that is taken as a positive. The rules are different for detecting pregnancy. Any amount of HCG that will turn a HPT to a positive (no matter how feint) means you are pregnant.

    Having a feint OPK on the same day as a feint HPT. That is because opk's will turn positive when they come into contact with HCG (pregnancy hormone) so it sounds like you just may have some happy news! I truly hope so...

    love Deb

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