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    Fee Guest

    Default Maybe Baby

    I've tried doing a search on this topic but with no luck.

    Is anyone using Maybe Baby? We're not TTC just yet but my SIL is going to give me hers for when we are ready.

    Any info you can give me? I've heard that a lot people fall pg straight away when using it.

    I hope this is right! [-o<

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    Hi Fee,

    We had a topic in PAML recently on the Maybe Baby HERE

    For me it never worked, I found OPKs to be more reliable and gave me a better idea when I Oed.

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    I have just found another 2 more topics on the Maybe Baby for you HERE and HERE

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    Fee Guest


    Thanks very much Kazz

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    Fee Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by kazz30
    For me it never worked, I found OPKs to be more reliable and gave me a better idea when I Oed.
    Kazz - I just read in one of those other threads that you said it did work for you!

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    zoe Guest


    Hi, I used it and it did help but you have to put a big glob of saliva (first thing in the morning no eating etc) with no bubbles on the slide, and let it dry for about an hour. The directions say just a smear of saliva and 5 min (?) wait but that never worked!

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    Amanda Mason Guest


    I have used Maybe Baby, and it never predicted O, I use OPK and FF now, as they are a bit more accurate, (I hope).

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    Fee, I am so sorry I should've edited that post. I thought it did work for me, but when I used it the next month it never corresponded to FF and the positive OPKs.

    I rang the manufaturer and they said I should be using it first thing in the morning (and I was doing it at around 1 pm) When I did do it first thing in the morning I never got any ferning what so ever. All I ever saw was dots and that was even on the days I got a partial positive OPK or a definite positive OPK. I kept using it for a few months and nothing!!

    Personally I would rather spend my money on OPKs and even better nothing on FF and get a better result than $70 on something that may or may not work and in my case it actually didn't.

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    I used one when I was TTC Mason but not sure if this helped. I think it was when I discovered EWCM that I finally got PG.

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