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Thread: Need help about OPK's

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    Default Need help about OPK's

    Last Monday i got two lines on an OPK so i tested for another couple of days and still got two lines.
    Today i tested after not testing for a couple fo days and i still have two lines but not as dark as the control line.
    I now have no idea when i O'd or if i am still yet to O.

    Has anyone every had this happen to them??

    I always thought once you have O'd the line would not show up.

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    You will continue to get a line until the LH has finished. If it is getting fainter after being dark then I would say that you have now ovulated. Probably in the couple of days you didn't use them.


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    Kirsty77 Guest


    I agree with Kathryn, it sounds like ou have already O.I hope you BD'ed!hehehehe

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