thread: No LH surge in 2 cycles??

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    Nov 2008
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    No LH surge in 2 cycles??

    Hi there,

    I've been doing OPKs every day since my period finished for my past two cycles, but non of them ave come back postive

    A few of them last cycle may have been dud, as the control line was basically non existent too ... and there's been a few qhere there's been a very faint test line (but obviously not a positive result...) but no positives.

    I was on the pill for basically 12 years, but have been off the pill and consistently TTC since September ...

    Any thoughts on what this means??

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    Apr 2009

    i suppose there could be several things:
    your OPKs were in fact duds
    you are not ovulating
    your LH levels do not reach the threshold to show up on an OPK
    i'm sure there are more senarios.

    have you thought about using a montior or maybe digital OPKs?