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    Default Ovulation without positive OPK

    Hi ladies

    Just wondering if it is possible to O without a positive OPK?

    I recieved 2 faint test lines (about 50% of control) the last few days an ovulation pains last night with a temp shift this morning. Did I miss the LH surge? I only test with an OPK at 6pm at night, once a day.

    I put a fake + OPK on my chart but do you think that I did O but the LH wasn't detected?

    Thanks for your input.
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    Hi Deanne,

    I'm no good at interpreting charts so won't offer any advice on your chart BUT wanted to let you know that it is totally possible to O without getting a positive OPK. The month I suceeded I actually used two different OPK brands with the same sample of urine and one gave me a positive whilst the other came up with nothing. I go on my CM more than OPK's.
    Good luck and I hope you get a BFP really soon!


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    deedeeze Guest


    Thanks MG!

    I think that as my other signs said that I Oed yesterday (temp rise today, EWCM, O pains) that I might just ignore the OPK!

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    Hi Deanne

    i also ovulated (and conceived) without ever getting a positive OPK, i too went more on temps and CM, but you just have to find what works for you!!

    Good luck hope to see a BFP soon!

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    I'm another who has never seen a positive OPK. In fact, I've never seen anything but stark, white OPK's....EVER!!

    Until this month, I've always relied upon temps, CM and CP and have had three pregnancies based on these methods (unfortunately one was a 2nd tri loss and the other two were chems).

    This month, for something completely different, I'm playing with a Maybe Baby. So far it seems to be lining up with my other signs. Time will tell of course.

    Good luck.


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