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    Hi everyone,

    I was just wodering if anyone could offer some words of wisdom. I just got a +OPK and am currently on CD11. (Yest was a clear neg) There was a clear line after 5 minutes but not quite as dark, but after about 8min it was as dark as the control line.Do i take this as a positive or keep testing.

    I am taking Vitex starting this cycle, do i commence now or continue testing to see if i get a darker line straight away??

    Last month I got +OPK's on CD15/16, does it matter that this month it is on CD11, or as long as my LP is longer than 10 days???

    Thanks so much


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    hi kbgirl

    I'm not exactly the OPK expert here, but I'd be inclined to starting BDing now, but keep testing anyway...

    I also think it's a good idea not to rely solely on OPKs, but to learn to read your body's other fertile signals as well.


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    kbgirl Guest


    Hi there,

    Thanks for replying.

    I am also temping and i have had EWCM yesterday and today plus lots of O pain this afternoon........This is only my second month of temping so am still learning, but there hasn't been any significant change in temp either, yet!

    Thanks again

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    with those signs, I'd definitely be going now!


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    Hit the haymaker girls - and just keep bd'ing til the day after EWCM dissappears.

    The OPK tests for the surge of Luteinising hormone which as a strong peak one off peak about 24-38 hours before you ovulate. You usually only see a strong +ve on an OPK for one or two days. As soon as it shows up - you can be sure you will ovulated in the next 24-38 hours.

    BTW When you are on IVF they give you a trigger 36 hours before they pick up the eggs so they know that the eggs will be popping out just as they go to get them.

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