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Thread: OPK confusion

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    Raideress Guest

    Default OPK confusion

    Hi all im new here,
    I bought an ovualtion kit and i got a positive LH surge on day 14,
    I did a cycle chart and it said the 3 days before ovualtion were fertile days, i thought you were supposed to do the deed once you got a positive LH surge result?
    So whats the best time before the positive result, on the day you get it or after?
    The reason i ask is my Hubby and i are limited to one try, two at the most, so we have to be precise as we can, we also are doing ivf next month again.

    Also how long should a positive LH surge stick around on a opk?


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    poppet Guest


    From my experience, and pls anyone correct me if im wrong, once you see the second line (strong line) on a OPK you will ovulate within the next 12-48 hrs. Therefore grab your DH and start BD.

    Also - sperm can live in a fertile environment for up to 72 hrs - thats why they say start 3 days prior to ovulation....

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    Yep thats it... When you get a +ve OPK then start bding for the next 24 hrs so maybe tonight and tomorrow night and if you can fit in another one the next night.. You can have sex b4 hand as sperm can live for up to 72 hrs.. Good luck.

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    Raideress Guest


    Ok thanks for that info ladies, now its alot less confusing

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