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Thread: OPK - not quite dark yet strong

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    Default OPK - not quite dark yet strong

    I have started using okps. Based on my last cycle I think I'm a way off o yet, however, just thought I'd start early anyway - just in case!

    For the past week I've been getting barely a 2nd line. Saturday I had a very distinct second line - although a little paler than the C line, quite strong. Sunday I have gone back to barely a 2nd line.

    I am not expecting to O for about a week yet, so I'm not taking these on board too much - however just curious as to what a stronger line might mean. I thought that it might start to get stronger and was a bit surprised it turned very pale again the next day when I tested.

    I haven't had any other signs that I might be O'ing.

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    I'm new to this site and the 'jargon' used so not sure exactly what okps means but I think you mean ovulation test right?

    I have used them every cycle for quite a while. My 2nd line goes up and down colour wise all the time. Sometimes it gradually increases until ovulation, sometimes it is very faint and them WHAM it is positive. I guess the LH in your system fluctuate and it will also depend if you take the test at the same time every day and how concentrated your urine is. I always test at the same time of day (about 1pm) and drink minimal fluids for about 2hrs before hand.

    I use the brand 'confirm' and have found that to be accurate.

    If my 2nd line is really strong but only a little lighter than the control then sometimes I will test again about 6pm.

    Hope that helps, good luck


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