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    I was just reading in another post that the day of O the test line was darker. I had a fairly dark line yesterday morning at 11am, so did another test last night at 8.30 and came up really dark. We BD'd so hopefully we got it right!! But did another test this morning at 11am and came up -ive. Does that mean that I have O'd yesterday and now it is over??? just wondering

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    Your + results means that the surge BEFORE O was detected so you should O within 12-24hours after the + result. That means you will probably O today so I'd BD again tonight and tomorrow just to make sure!
    Good luck.

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    I cant Bethany as DH is away for 2 weeks now. He works away 2 weeks at a time and home for 1 week!! But we did what we could so I guess we will see.

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