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    Hi there,
    Just wondering if there is anyone else that can only get a + result from an OPK with their first morning urine.
    I know there not supposed to be done with that morning but it's the only time it works for me, does this mean there is someting wrong?
    I was expecting to O on Sat or today so I did an opk on Friday it was so close to being as dark as the control line that I took it as a + result.
    I did another one the next day & this time it came up quicker & was just as dark as the control line so thought I would probably O today.
    This morning just out of curiosity I did another opk & it came up straight away & this one was darker than the control line.
    So now I'm thinking I will O tomorrow, I thought after one + that the rest would start to fade?
    Are they playing tricks on me.
    Thanks, Jo

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    hey jo, my ivf doctor actually told me i must test for opks with FMU.

    good luck hunny

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    Hey Jo
    This cycle I have had pale lines, which can just be seen for about a week before i got a daker line very close to the control yesterday and very dark today with one brand. I was starting to think they were a dodgy batch!
    Yet the other brand i used both only gave me one lighther than the control, the next darker the previous day but still not as dark as the control one iukwim.
    Over the weekend i have used the FMU as i have been obssessed!
    Great info that you shared Danni

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    Generally it occurs later in the day because most people surge later in the day - but perhaps you surge earlier on! Get yourself busy just in case!

    Good Luck!

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    Hi Jo,
    The dreaded opk dilemma! Many ob's will say to use your opk's first thing in the morning. The reason why the manufacturers say not to use fmu is this.
    FMU is concentrated. You haven't had anything by mouth for 8 hours give or take and the urine then is strong or concentrated. LH hormone is always present in human's urine. So it makes sense that a concentrated sample will show a build up of the LH hormone that is always present and may mimic a surge. Are you with me?
    However MANY women do not get positive opk's. Possibly because they are not 'catching the surge'. I personally only ever have 'caught the surge' when using fmu. I then test later in the day and get an almost but not quite positive.
    I would go with what you are doing. If you don't show a positive at any other time of the month using fmu then what you are seeing I would say is a surge.
    Also, it is widely thought that once you see that first positive most women will surge within 24 hours from the first positive. It is possible for women to continue to get positive tests for a few days. Depending on their levels of LH after the surge. So it's important to make love from the first positive for a few days in a row. Latest research has said that unless your partner has a sperm count issue that daily intercourse gives you the best chance of conception.

    So, from when you first see a positive start to make love each day for a few days. You won't know exactly when you ovulated but around when you get your positive you will ovulate. So you go girl!!!! Wishing you lots of conception vibes...

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    Thanks girls,
    Isn't this whole ttc thing sooooooooooo confusing.
    We have been ttc for just over a year now & up until 2 months ago we BD every day for 4-5 days around O but then went to Dr & she suggested every 2nd day which frankly is a lot easier, less stressful & tiring.
    Fingers crossed this will do the trick.
    I had heard that pcos can muck around with opk's, I don't think I have that but it just makes you wonder sometimes.

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