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    elly Guest

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    Hi Everyone,

    Would anyone know if when using opk's can the test line gradually become darker to match the control line?

    Like day 1 - no line visible at all
    day 2 - barely visible line
    day 3- definite line there but not as strong as control line

    and just slightly increasing until you have the LH surge?

    Sorry if this is a silly question but this is what has been happening and i wasn't sure if the LH surge is a sudden thing or a gradual thing that occurs over a few days.


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    Hi Elly!

    That's what would happen when I used OPKs... the line would gradually get darker until it was + HTH.

    Good luck!!

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    do you remember bell shaped curves form ststa at school - i think thats kinda what happens it slowly builds up then falls away - does that make sense?

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    elly Guest


    Thanks for the replies guys,

    It does make sense now, so hopefully we'll get the result that we want in the next few weeks!

    Thanks again

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