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Thread: Is OPK right or my body?

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    Default Is OPK right or my body?

    Hi, last month I tested and a faint line came up so I assumed I was o. This month according to my cm I am about to ovulate but I tested with OPK and nothing. Could it be possible that OPK has not detected surge?[/list]

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    Zahne - maybe try to retest tomorrow at the same time and see if you get the same result. I take it this has not happened before?

    With OPKs, the test line should be at least as dark or darker than the control line. If it is faint, you might not be quite ready to roll yet.



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    A faint line doesn't really mean anything I am afraid. You need a link as dark as or stronger than the control line for it to be a positive OPK and need to test each day at the same time between 10am and 8pm.


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    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help on the OPK thing.I had a positive surge yesterday,2pm, and today another positive 2pm... does that mean my egg hasnt released yet... Im bit confused.They are really strong lines, come up as quick as the test line 2..
    thanks anyone...

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