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Thread: OPK vs my body? Which is right?

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    Default OPK vs my body? Which is right?

    Hi, I am a member, but have been avoiding this place for a while, as I didn't want to focus too much on TTC. However I have started to lurk a little, and wanted to ask a quick questiong. Someone else recently did a similar post, but instead of hijacking her post, I thought I would ask the question here: I have been checking for EWCM, but not doing temps for quite a few months now. I seem to get something similar to EWCM and O pains in the middle of each month, so I assumed that is when I was O'ing.

    I finally caved this last month and purchased some OPKs. According to the instructions, I performed the test correctly, and it turns out I O'ed a few days AFTER the O pains (which I get EVERY month like clockwork), and the EWCM. So...turns out my body must be slightly out of this normal? Has anyone else experienced the same thing? I shall see what happens next month, but I was so surprised by the result, I wondered how common it is....

    Andy feedback would be appreciated Thanks.

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    Hmmm, I would normally go by EWCM, but sometimes I get that throughout my month and I have "O"ed.

    If you are unlucky this month which I hope you are not. I would start using your OPK's from CD12 that way you could see when you are o'ing. You could be getting your "o" date wrong.

    Another way to check for "o" is your cervix pos. Its normally High, Soft and Open for conception!!

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    This is an interesting question because I have also experienced what you are describing. I am a bit of a natural girl, a hippy at heart so I tend to err on the side of au la naturel. After the loss of my baby in May last year I dtd when i got o pains and mucous changes. Since having children my EWCM is quite scant. Well after months of no success I purchased opk's. These showed I o'd on about cd17-18 3 days post o pains and post mucous changes. I conceived the first time using opk's successfully (my opk saga is another story!). That pregnancy wasn't meant to be and I miscarried at 5 weeks. I used opk's the next cycle and fell pregnant immediately again.

    So, in answer to your question and despite my 'all natural' leanings I would have to say go with the opk's. OPK's will only turn positive in the presence of lutenising hormone which is released just prior to ovulation.

    I will be very interested to hear how you go. I wish you all the baby vibes I can muster.
    With love,

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    I really hope this is your month. Praying for you and keeping everything crossed.

    Bigs ((hugs))


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    rarmalb Guest


    Thankyou lovely ladies for your responses. I really appreciate it.

    Tamara- Thanks for your response. I hope things are going better for you (hug) You have had a really difficult time (hug)

    Deb- I am sorry to hear about your losses (((HUG))). Thankyou for posting about your experiences with OPKs. I was really surprised at the results, and as it is only my first month using them, I wondered how common it was- after all, I am positive I read the directions fully 8-[ Fingers crossed that it helps into the future X

    Jane- Thankyou for your thoughts. I bet you can't wait to start telling people.....not long to go til 12 weeks \/ Unfortunately I don't think that this is the month, but we'll see how things go now I am using these OPKs.


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