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Thread: opk - would you think this is neg or pos??

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    mooshie Guest

    Default opk - would you think this is neg or pos??


    i have been doing opk's the last few days and within the 5 min time line the test line is there but fairly feint and definately not as dark as the control line, so i have classed these as negatives - even after checking them a few hours later the test line is still feint.

    yes i do keep all my opks and compare them pmsl

    however today i did an opk at around 1pm and after 5 mins the test line was slightly darker than the last few days, however not near as dark as the control line, so i figure it is a negative - BUT i just had another look at the test around 1hr or so later and the test line is alot darker than the control line, should i still class this as a neg and probably expect a positive sometime tommorrow???? do you reckon we can have a night of bd tonight lol and start back again tommorrow and bd for the next 3 or 4 days in a row???

    thanks for that

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    mooshie I would count it as a -ve but as you said I would start the BD feast tonight

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    Mooshie, I think I have to agree with Bridee. I was convinced that I had a + opk because my thoughts were stuck in "a line is a line right?!" and it wasn't as dark as the control. It wasn't till the following morning that I saw a real line and I had no doubt that it was the surge. It was darker than the control line within a minute.

    I say go with what you feel. Good Luck - hope you catch the eggy!

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    mooshie Guest


    did another opk today at 1pm and the test line came back dark before the control line and after five minutes was definately darker than the control line so i got a definate positive today and grabbed dh, lol. looks like i will be busy over the next few days

    wish me luck girls

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    Good Luck mooshie.

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