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    Hi everyone! I have never used OPK's before but thought I will give it a go next month because I am going to do everything different to what I normally do. So fingers crossed over the next few months that I get my BFP.

    Anyway, I have read that most people buy them off ebay. Can anyone tell me roughly how many I should buy? Do they come in a pack (like the ones i have seen at the pharmacy) and roughly how much should I be paying?

    Thanks for your help girls and good luck to all of you.

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    Hi Bubbles
    I have used Clearblue OPK which I have to be fantastic. It gives you a little smiley face if possitive which gives me a bit of a kick! lol Its a digital one so costs abit more at about $80 from chemist and has 7 testing sticks so a week per pack. You can get other cheaper brands from supermarkets, but I personally never got the hang of them.
    Have also used a saliva test regularly which is also great.

    Good luck!

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    Hi nat,

    you can go to lullaby conceptions and you can get a heap for a really cheap price- the owner Jodie also posts on here
    delivery is really quick and she normally throws in a few HPTs with your order- because you noramll have to to 2 OPk's per dayto pick up your surge



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    HI - i got some off ebay - just type in OPK in search bar and that should guide you in right direction. I think i bought 20 for about $24. PRetty cheap !!! I found 20 more than enuf. I just tested 2pm every arvo during my fertile window - i didnt ovulate till CD25, so i went thru quite a few during this cycle....but hey, i got a , so i totally recommend them....


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