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Thread: opk's and ovulation

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    Default opk's and ovulation

    okay this may seem like a really dumb question so sorry

    if you get a positive on an opk and i mean strong positive ie line as dark or darker than the control line then is it 100% that you are going to ovulate.

    just wondering if i am ovulating each month, no real reason to think that i am not apart from ttc for 12mths now, but when i do opks they do come up strong positives. and i am not temping anymore, i hate it, feels like torture to me and i obsess way to much over it.

    was just wondering whether i should go to get a bt to see if i am ovulating, dunno just clutching at straws i guess.


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    Moosh I have been thinking the same thing and also wondering if I should get tested, sorry hun can't help as I'm in the same boat but hopfully some one here will have an answer

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    Aw Darlins it is such a annoying road isn't it!

    I got you some information about that cuase it was a great question-

    Yup! It is possible for your body to "gear up" to ovulate, leading to an LH surge-- and then, for some reason (such as stress, illness, travel, or random fluke), your body fails to release an egg. When this happens, your LH surge will dissipate and your cevical mucus (a signal of fertility) will dry up. Once the stress is resolved, your body will try again. This can happen more than once per cycle. Therefore, there is no way to be sure you ovulated, even if you had a positive OPK. OPK's are most accurate when used in conjunction with fertility charting (NFP or FAM.) That way, a positive OPK can be cross-checked with an increase in basal body temperature and/or cervical mucus dry-up.

    Wouodn't hurt to get tested and rule that out, but I bet your just beautifull perfect! It took me almost a year to get pregers, but I got there! Goodlcuk both of you!!!

    Love and Light,soul

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    Hi Mooshie,
    Receiving a positive opk means that you have had a LH surge. When a surge is detected it is probable that you wll ovulate withing 24-36 hours.
    Women can surge and not release an egg. Like Soul said sometimes your body can start to surge but get put off track by stress etc. etc.

    If you have been trying to conceive for 12 months and receiving positive opk's I would recommend highly that you see your obstetrician or gp. A progesterone level done 7 days before your next expected period - sometimes called CD21 test will show if you are ovulating. As you probably know the progesterone level increases significantly after ovulation and this level peaks about 5-7 days before your expected period. If this progesterone level isn't so great this could be why you are not conceiving and your ob can show you options in dealing with it.
    Good luck Mooshie.

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