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Thread: OPKs and Ovulation question

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    We have been TTC #2 since may and I have only just realised that my cycles seemed to have changed to 31 days instead of my usual 28 days. The first day of AF was on the 4th of September and assuming that my cycle is 31 days it would mean that I would ovulate on the 20/21st September? However, I did a OPK test on the 18th in the morning and got a very positive line. Coinciding with that I had ovulation pains all day yesterday and a few days earlier I had EWCM. This morning (19th) I did the OPK again and the result was negative. Does this mean I ovulated yesterday? Im confused as I assumed that because my cycle is not 28 days would mean that I would ovulate later and not now. (We have been BDing since the 16th September everyday so I hope I got it).

    Can you have a 31 day cycle but still ovulate around the same time as on a 28 day cycle?

    Please help Im so confused. I do have a temp thingy beside my bed, but I forget to take it at the same time.


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    As soon as we started TTC the 2ns time my cycle also changed from 28 days to 31. I was using OPK's and used to get my positive about day 17 or 18 so you probably did "O" on about day 18. I'm sure your timing has been just right so best of luck for BFP.

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