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Thread: OPK's - two positives in a month

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    Default OPK's - two positives in a month

    If you get two positives in a month, one on day 8, then one on day 14 (when it should be), would it be possible that your body had a surge on day 8 which did not result in ovulation, then had the real surge on day 14 that did result in ovulation. Its very bizarre, but this is my second month of two positive OPK's in a cycle.


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    How many days apart were your two positives last cycle?

    I've heard conflicting reports about whether people can ovulate twice in the one cycle - some people say yes, others say definitely not. Do the instructions that come with the OPK give any indication of what might be happening if you get 2 positives a few days apart?

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    Carys Guest


    I dont think I've ovulated twice, reason being that my temps etc dont match the first one, on day 8. Second positive on day 14 then shows temp rise, ewcm, so am sure that is the one that results in ovulation. Just wasnt sure whether its possible to have a surge with no ovulation, because Im definitely getting the surge early on as well as mid cycle.

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    If you are or arn't ovulating twice in one month, I would suggest 'BD' anyway. Better to be on the safe side. Who knows. Might get lucky.
    Good Luck.

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    I'd say you O on day 14 as thats when the temp rise was.Its possible like you have said that your body had a LH surge that may have resulted in you O twice in a month or even nearly O'ing.OPK's are normally pretty accurate.

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    Have you thought about doing a HPT ?

    I used OPK's in November and for a whole week they came up with twp lines and it turned out i was pg. It's just a thought.

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    yes it could be a preg!

    some peoples hormones go so haywire that it says they are ovulating but it actually means they are pregnant!

    good luck either way!

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