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Thread: Which OPK's to use?

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    Princess1979 Guest

    Default Which OPK's to use?

    Hi gals,

    I was wondering if anyone can reccomend a OPK brand that they have used and it worked for them. I want to purchase some OPK's this month. This is my 1st go with them and I want to al least try a brand that is hopefully reliable!!!


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    hey princess, as opks can be very expensive i strongly recommend ebay ones.

    ive never had any problems and they are much much cheaper meaning you can test more often to get an accurate reading.

    good luck

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    Hi Princess,
    I too are trying opk's for the first time this month. I looked in the supermarket and chemists. They were vey expensive so i went searching on ebay. I got 100 tests for $42.95 and they were quoted by other people who have used them as very successful.
    I'll let you know how they look when i get them in a couple of days.

    Sorry, not much info yet.


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    Princess1979 Guest


    Hey Gals,

    Thanks heaps for the replys. I bought some of ebay OVUNOW and hopefully they work.

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