thread: Oulation Predictor Kit Tips?

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    Oulation Predictor Kit Tips?

    I have just puchased my first OPK (Fortel) Is there a better time of day to test? I have had one cycle since losing ~Lachlan~ and my cycle after that was 30 days but before falling pg with him it was always 28days. I have decinded to chart it by 28 days is this wrong? I assume my cycle will go back to how it has always been, maybe not? Please help!

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    a top tip is they must be used between 10am and 8pm in the day as your LH takes time to build up in your system over the course of the day. So the later you can do it the better. I used to do mine around 3pm in the arvo.


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    Yep, agree with Kathryn on that one......I used to do my OPK's at about 2pm.

    I also used to have a 29/31 day cycle prior to being pregnant with Olivia, so when I started using OPK's again for #2 figured that "shortest cycle scenario" would be 28 days, so I started using OPK's on CD 11, for 5 days, to make sure I didn't miss the LH surge.........even if it means buying another box of 5 tests, I figured $20 is well spent if we get thte timing right.........