thread: Ovulation question?!

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    Jul 2012

    Ovulation question?!

    Hi ladies was wondering if you cOuld Plz help me with some ovulation questions?
    First of all I have only been off bc for a few months and actually thought I was pg this month as no af and all symptoms.
    However I went to the toilet this afternoon and noticed egg white cm. so being the poas addict I am, I did a opk test and pg test. Pg was negative (again) but lo and behold there was a positive on opk. So if I get to bd with dh tonight I might be in with a chance yea??

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    Nov 2011
    SE Melbourne

    i reckon!!! go for it!

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    Mar 2008
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    Certainly sounds like it. Hope you catch that little egg

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    Jul 2006

    Sounds promising.... I'd do it a few days in a row just to be sure. GL

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    Jul 2012

    Thanks for the responses ladies
    Dh got called into night shift tonight do no bd for us hopefully ill still be ovulating tomorrow night and dtd then!!