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Thread: Ovulation Tests: Salvia

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    Default Ovulation Tests: Salvia

    have been doing some reading and now know what ferning means, and also what that part of the FF chart really means.

    These are the 2 types ive found so far
    DONNA Fertility Tester
    REUSABLE mini-microscope for self-testing. Lets you know within 5 minutes, utilising a few drops of saliva, if you are fertile or not. Precision 68X Power Magnification lens, 98% accurate, Safe, simple and easy to use, Sold in over 30 Countries since 1995, Clinically tested.

    Maybe Baby
    Mini microscope for determining a woman's fertile and infertile period. Allows an exact determination of the fertile period for predicting conception easily and quickly by detection of the estrogen level in saliva. The so-called "fern-phenomenon" was discovered in 1957 by doctors in Italy. These physicians discovered that the level of the sex hormone estrogen could be detected through visual observation of the dried saliva sample on a microscope slide. At high levels such as those present during ovulation, the crystallized estrogen exhibits a pattern resembling fern leaves. Maybe Baby is a precision instrument that contains a microscope lens to examine a saliva sample under illumination from an LED light source. When estrogen is present, a fern leaf pattern is observed through the viewfinder.

    Have you used any of the these and were they useful for you?
    What have you + or - about their use?
    Did you use alone or with other Ovulation tests?

    Oh, and Dh question: can we use a normal microscope? as add the word help to concieve and he thinks the price goes up

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    Hi Sunny Summer,

    I've got the Maybe Baby saliva test and I believe that they may be useful but not for me! I get more and more frustrated every day! You are meant to get the "fertile" ferning pattern around and on ovulation but I appear to have ferns all the time!!! The only way I found out exactly when I ovulated was by using a urine ovulation test (Ovunow, bought off the internet). It gave me a very positive result.

    I'm at least 11 dpo now so I should not have any more ferning but I have been seeing full fertile ferns since before ovulation. So I either have a naturally high oestrogen level or I'm pregnant (as oestrogen increases during pregnancy). But there's no way to know if they are worth the money until you buy one. I don't feel like I've wasted money though because I still use mine more than once a day!

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    Hiya Sunny Summer

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