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Thread: Is Ovuplan OPK any good?

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    Default Is Ovuplan OPK any good?

    hi all,

    Just wanting to know if anyone has used Ovuplan OPK (5 tests) and if it's realiable.
    The pharmacies I've been to had them for $30 and $45, I finally got them at Pharmacy Direct for $23.
    ClearBlue was really expensive at $70+, 5 tests, tho $45+ at Pharmacy Direct.

    Also has any used OPKs with cups? Is it ok to re-use the cup, wont there be contamination?


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    I haven't used Ovuplan, but have used Confirm (between $14.99-$19.99 in supermarkets) and you get 5 cups with that (plus a pg test!)

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