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    Default Please help.

    I am an IVFer, hcg trigger was 13 days ago, and was only 5000iu so should be well and truly gone (in the past double that has been gone by now).

    Yesterday at 10dpo, I did a Discover One Step test at 11am (3rd wee of the day) and a second faint line appeared within 1 minute. Its the first positive test I have ever seen in 4 years! I was thrilled! It was the only test I had so later in the day I went out and got a crystal clear cassette type (not clear back) which was all the chemist had. Its all supposed to be sensitive and detect early (not quite as much as the discover).

    Anyway, I did one at 4pm and there was a very, VERY faint + sign. I thought that this morning, with FMU at 11dpo, I would get a great result. Instead, again with the Crystal Clear, I got a negative.

    I am devastated. i don't know what to think. Is it a negative? Was it somehow trigger? Is it just the brand of test? I know that only time will really tell, and it is still early... but I just feel a bit shattered. To get that hope and now doubt it, I feel sick.

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    Hi FreakedOut, I don't think I can be of much help to you, just wanted to say i am sorry that you're having such a stressy, difficult time. It sound really, really tough... Hope you get a clearer answer thats a BFP very soon:hugs:

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    Thank you so much for caring, I truly appreciate it. I have had many more positives since, so its looking good. Wont relax until Bloods are back in a few days, but its a good start! Thank you for posting.

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    Good luck. I am spreading for you. It is hard to wait again. First we wait and then we test and then we wait again until the blood tests and then more waiting.

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