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    I am alittle confused i have been trying to conceive for quite a while i m/c on june 07 and my a/f arrived on august 7-11 it usually lasts 5 five days before my m/c i would get af like clock work every 28 days but then i go af on September 7-11 which was three days late i got a stinking BFN. i then got my af on october 3-7 which was one day early i decided to use opk i went through two packs the first one because the lines were confusing so i got the digital one it kept on telling me i wasnt ovulating i did hpk just in case and got BFN i figure i wait until my next cycle and use the diitals again but funny enough i got my stinking af again on the 27th which it is five days early. Sorry for the long post but my question is since my cycle i guess is out of wack when is it that i should start using the opk i really dont want to lose the oppurtunity of catching my o this time. i would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has. And also for the future when period is out of wack how do i calculate when i should be o'ing. Please help

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    I read that if you aren't sure how long your cycle is, to start using the OPK early as if you had a 25 day cycle. There is a chart that tells u when to test according to how long your cycle is.
    I'll just go find it for you.

    Ok so I was wrong, the minimum your cycle can be is 21 days. So....

    if it's 21 or 22 days u start testing day 5 of your cycle
    23 days u start testing day 6
    24 days u start testing day 7
    25 days u start testing day 8
    and so on...
    40 days u start testing day 23


    Are u charting at all?
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    Another big sign is your CM. Have you noticed any EW CM? But yes follow what Nadine has said about timing the OPK. Hopefully youll catch it this month.

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    Hi Nadine, thanks for the chart no i am not charting and i currently have my af tomorrow october 31 will be my 5th day and last day so since my last af was october 3 that means my cycle was 25 days so i should start testing on november 3rd?? I have noticed in my last cycle the ewcm and i dtd every other day i was used two diffrent kind of opk first the strip and i swear it said i was o'ing but i bought a digital to confirm and said negative so i just dtd every other day but i guess i did something wrong because got a BFN and got my ugly af. Thanks Nadine and Kellxx for listening i really need some advice i am starting to feel stressed i cant sem to be able to wait to get another BFP

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    No worries and best of luck! TTC can be quite stressful at times, but try not to let it get to you. You WILL get that bfp soon. And yes, start testing on the 3rd

    Also I don't think I have noticed your name in the TTC thread (TTC 1-6months), so if you want you are very welcome to come and join us. There is a lovely bunch of people in there and it helps to talk about it all.

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