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Thread: Positive or not?

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    Default Positive or not?

    Hi Ladies.

    I have a question for my sister. She did a HPT late this morning, and it has come up with a very faint sencond line. I have heard that a line is a line, and mine wasn't all that dark. She isn't really trying for a baby, she has a 3yo and a 22mnth old, and isn't sure when her last period was. She is sure she is due this week, but I ahve just been reading up on evaporation lines. Maybe it is one of them. She looked at it about 4mins after she did the test, I am beginning to think that is really is positive, which would mean she is due about 2 weeks after me!!!! lol..

    What do you ladies think?

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    I would say that it is most likely a positive too...

    They say "a line is a line" and it sounds like she read it within the allocated time.

    My first BFP was incredibly incredibly faint...and it just got darker as the days progressed (think I did 9 over 1 that a record?)

    Wow...that would be wonderful to have a sister due around the same time...I've tried to encourage mine...but she's just not quite ready yet!

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    hi l2ettlez,

    Sound like a positive result to me!! Incase someone else is reading this post - an evaporation line usually appears after the specified time frame on the instructions and also it is grey in colour, kind of looks like a shadow. A true positive result will have colour to it either red or blue etc depending on the brand.

    Congrats to your sister - how great that you are pregnant together...awsome!!

    Jodie xx

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    I'd say she is pregnant, I think evap lines only appear after the max time allowed has passed (someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong), also can she see the line at arms distance?

    ETA I think I should have read the whole thread first...
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    My first positive was really feint, but it was definately a line. I still have the test and the line is there still and still really feint. I did another test 2 days later and the line was darker.

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    She can always do another test with FMU to check again

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    Sounds positive to me too! i did a test with FMU on DPO 9 and it was the feintest of faint lines.... it got darker over the next few days. i don't think i have ever got a feint line if it wasn't positive. The doctor told me the chances of a false + were so much slimmer than a false - .

    I would tell your sister to do another test tomorrow - OH hang on you posted on December 13th! is she pregnant?? Please let us know!

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