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Thread: Positive OPK & ovualtion question

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    Default Positive OPK & ovualtion question

    Hi there

    This is the second month that I am using OPK and i got a positive yesterday (well the test line was just as dark as the control line so im saying thats positive...)

    I also just did another test today and i got a much lighter line.

    When do you actually ovulate?????

    We DTD last night and will again tonight, should we also try tommorow as well??

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    if the line is lighter today then I would say you have ovulated cause the OPK picks up the surge of LH in your body prior to ovulation, so DTD last night and tonight should be okay. Goodluck.


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    Most people usually ovulate within 12-36 hours after getting a positive OPK. So doing just tonight should be fine but if you want to get one more in for luck then you could go again tomorrow just to be sure

    Good luck!

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