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Thread: Pregnant.. Or not?

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    Tamba Guest

    Default Pregnant.. Or not?

    I am married with no children. My husband and I are not trying to have kids yet... although I would be thrilled to have one now!

    Here are my symptoms...

    Swollen breasts and ankles.
    Nausea, Dizziness and faintness, cramps..
    Absolutely exhausted... sleeping up to 5 extra hours each afternoon!

    My period started on the 24th December, but was different to normal... more like "bleeding" rather than period bleeding.

    Because of how I am feeling and my "pregnancy""symptoms I took a Fortel pregnancy test...

    The test line was there but..... very very very and I mean VERY faint!
    I took another test the following morning but it was negative...

    I went to the doctor and he took a urine test and that was also negative..
    But he told me to take another test in 2 weeks because it might be too early to tell.

    Does this mean I should wait until after my period is due to test again or what?

    I really want to be pregnant now... I am so excited already!

    Would love to hear from someone in the same sort of situation..


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    Tamba welcome to bellybelly.

    I think you should wait until next week or until your period is late.

    All your symptoms say you could be pregnant.

    Good luck.

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    Tamba Guest


    8-[ Thankyou for your advice...

    I just want to be pregnant!!
    Even though we have not been trying... I want to now!

    I will just have to see what hubby thinks!

    We have been married for over two years now...
    About time I reckon!

    I just can't wait for a week or two to pass!


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    It is hard to wait but it is the best thing to do and it will save you money if you don't keep buying HPT's and doing them every other day.

    The other thing your doctor can do if the tests are still coming up negative and you still don't have your period is do a blood test to see what is going on.

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    Hi Tamba,

    Welcome to BB.

    As Michelle has said, I would wait another week or so and then re test or even better if you can wait until AF is late, that would be better.

    Good luck, I hope you get a BFP soon.

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    Hi Tamba and welcome to BB.

    Your symptoms sound very promising, but like the other girls have said, just hold off a bit longer on the HPT.

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