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Thread: Pregnow pregnancy test???

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    Default Pregnow pregnancy test???


    A while ago I ordered some Pregnow pregnancy tests, they were cheap and came in a pack of 20. They are really thin unlike the other one's I've used (Crystal Clear etc) and I'm wondering if anyone else has found them to be good or not?

    Thank you

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    Hi rugrats - these are the same pregnancy tests that I have been using for the last few years and I've had no problems with them. And they worked just fine when I got my BFP

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    Hello I'd just like to say I got really irritated with mine as they kept giving me BFNs...well I wasn't actually pregnant ***LOL*** I just want to see a some time soon! Hope you're looking at a on yours very soon!!

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    Yes I think that's the problem with mine - they keep coming back negative!! No fair! Thank you

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