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    Good morning everyone :smt039

    Ok I did a HPT this morning and it came up positive within a minute :shock: I'm trying not to get my hopes up because of what happened last cycle (4 false positive POAS) although this time it came up very quickly and is still there now (I did it over 2 hours ago) [-o< [-o< let it be true. The test was a Pregnow one that I bought on ebay, does anyone know if they are reliable?

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    Hi Mards,
    Sorry I have not heard if they are reliable tests or not just wanted to wish you lots of luck, hope this is it for you! [-o<

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    Hi mards,
    Not sure if they are reliable or not, did a quick search on them all the information says that they are 99.9% accurate in detecting early PG. Maybe test again in a day or two and see what the outcome is.

    for you, let me know what happens

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