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    I have a question about proper use of OPK's, I am quiet confused this cycle so I thought I would forget about it and wait until the next cycle but two days ago I started getting cramps in my stomach on the right hand side and thought I would give these things a try.

    for two days I had very feint test lines, much lighter than the control line, then this morning I had a very dark test line which was darker than the control, the only issue is on the 1st two occasions I tested in the afternoon, today I tested in the morning, I noticed you were supposed to test at roughly the same time each day.

    Have I stuffed up completely, would my result this morning be invalid, the packet says test any time of day, is it better to do it in the morning? I have never used these things before but assume the reason for testing at the same time each day is for consistency of sample.

    Any opinions would be much appreciated.


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    From what I know about them the feint lines do not mean you are ovulating - but the dark line means that you are - the ones that I used siad that a feint line was negative but a dark line was positive and you were o'ing. The ones that I used also said not to use first morning urine as it was to strong - I cant remeber the brand I was using but they worked that cycle for me!!
    Hope that helps and hasnt confused you more!

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    I would test this afternoon or these evening.

    If you used FMU it could be misleading:0

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    Default OPK's

    Thanks for responding, I wondered about using FMU, the pamphlets that come with these particular tests didn't mention anything about that just said to restrict your fluid intake for 2hrs prior to testing, will try again tonight.

    Thanks again.


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