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Thread: Questions about my OPK's (pics inside)

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    Question Questions about my OPK's (pics inside)

    What does this mean? It looks like I'm getting positive ovulations too much....What do you think this is?? TIA!!!!

    Images removed...

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    Ok i would take the 15 &16 one as the +ve OPK the others arnt dark enough... You will probably get a line on all of them at some stage but only count the one that is darker or at same strength as the control line... So did you bd around that time???

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    Pictures in posts are not allowed on the forums as stated in the forum guidelines so they will be edited out the user emailed.


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    I just used photobucket and then posted the IMG code... Am I not suppose to post pics?
    Thanks for the input, and yes we did BD around all the darker ones. So I hope we got it.

    ETA: I'm sorry I will erase them

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    You are allowed to use Fertility Friend ticker and can link to the homepage there. I know there are some people who have put there photos of OPKS on there instead.

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