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Thread: Reading a window after the time??????

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    Matryoshka Guest

    Default Reading a window after the time??????

    I have a test here and it says not to read the window after 10 minutes. What happens after the 10 mins???

    I took it very early this morning and could only see one line... they have a pink background and purple lines. I felt crappy so went back to bed with DS and now 2 hours later i can see a faint 2nd line. What does this mean??? i think i can see the faint second line because the test window bit isn't pink anymore but now offwhite so it seems to have made it visible.

    Taken a second one now and only 1 line

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    I wouldn't read it after that amount of time. Sometimes you can get a evap line after a long time.
    I've done so many tests and went back to them later when they have been BFN and then can see a faint second line only for AF to show up.

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    Matryoshka Guest


    I've never had that happen before.

    The second test (same brand) has NOT come up with a second line after 3 hours but the first one still has. So i'm not sure what to make of it.

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    I would try another brand and do FMU to know for sure.
    I've had a positive HPT at home and gone to the doctors to confirm and got a negative before now but bloods have always confirmed my pregnancy.
    Hope you have better luck with a different test.

    Which one did you use ?

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    Matryoshka Guest


    whats fmu?

    These ones were "forelife", i haven't got any other brands and i think dh will kill me if go out and buy more tests, i've gone through so many! I guess i'll just hold out and see what happens. Got pains in my pelvis and hips and my lower back hurts so you never know.

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    FMU is First morning urine. They say doing that will tell better than testing later in the day.

    I've never heard of that brand before. Hope you get some answers soon and hopefully it's a BFP for you.

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    Matryoshka Guest


    yeah it was the FMU that was the one which has the later second line. Its the second test which got no second line and i did that at lunchtime. The first one i did at 7am.

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    Have you had a lot to drink today as they will weaken your urine when testing. Maybe try again tomorrow morning and see what happens.

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    Ourlux - i have used forelife before - dont like them - have had same probs -
    the best HPT i have found have been "First Response!"
    Give them a go!

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