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Thread: Really impressed with Lullaby Conceptions HPT

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    Default Really impressed with Lullaby Conceptions HPT

    I'm very excited! I've just got a for me 2nd baby using Lullaby Conceptions HPT and I thought I'd share with you about the sensitivity of these tests and a little "control" study I did to test them....

    Last cycle I had preggy-type symptoms and did 2 LC preg tests at 15 dpo. Nothing came up at the 5 minute mark (when you're meant to read it), but a faint line came up before 10 minutes on both tests. I wondered whether this was just a "dehydration" line or whether it was a very faint positive. Unfortunately I started spotting the next day and AF came the day after that.

    I got a bit suspicious when AF lasted a really long time. I couldn't remember this happening, so I decided to do a little experiment. I did a preg test after AF finished (when I obviously wasn't preggas) and noticed that ABSOLUTELY NO LINE - NOT EVEN A WHISPER OF A LINE appeared in the test area.

    So therefore, I concluded that I HAD in fact been preggas last cycle, but it didn't stick (chemical pregnancy - I've heard it called???).

    So, when I started experiencing the same symptoms this cycle, I did a test at 1.30 PM - not with 1st morning urine - at 9 dpo, and saw the same faint line (after 5mins, but before 10). Unfortunately I'd lost the "control" test (that had nothing on it) and so did a preg test in water (no HCG there!) and again - not even a whisper of a line in the test area. Holding the real preg tests against the control, I could see that there was definately a line on my real test - at 9 DPO!

    I showed a midwife friend and she said I was pregnant!

    Well, I was hoping it was going to stick and waited and waited until today (18 dpo) and when I did a test with FMU the +ve came up within a minute!

    I'm very impressed with this brand. Sorry for the rant, but thought it may encourage others.

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    I bought a 10pk of LC HPTs from the net. They are great value! I used one last cycle and got a BFN. Had tested with ClearBlue day before AF was due and got BFN and then tested the next day with LC and got another BFN.
    Thank you for your post, makes me confident to use them for my next cycle! Hopefully I get a BFP this cycle & don't have to buy another box! hehe
    Congratulations on your BFP by the way!!

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    congratulations on the BFP... I am a huge fan of the LC tests as well.

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