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    Hi I was pregnant earlier this year however we lost it at 8 weeks. We have recently been trying again with the use of Maybe Baby, i am 1 week away from getting my period and still seeing signs of ferning with the Maybe Baby kit, i did a pregnancy test this morning using Pregnosis which came up negative? Does anyone think that it is too early to know just yet whether I am pregnant or would a pregnancy test show up now if i was pregnant?

    Can anyone tell me of their experiences with Maybe Baby or Pregnosis?

    Dannik #-o

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    I can't give you answers about Pregnosis, but I can tell you that you may be testing too early to detect HCG levels to get a + reading, hope that helps.

    As for maybe baby, I only use it as a guide for when to
    Basically when you see ferns, it means you are in a fertile period. You may have already "o" but it just reads it that way. Its confusing, so I tend to only use Maybe Baby from CD12-19 as this is around the time I "o" after that I chuck it in a cupboard so it doesn't confuse me...

    Hope this helps...

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    First of all I am so sorry for your loss.

    I can't help you with pregnosis hpts either as I have never used them. Maybe wait a couple of days and re test. If you are pg your hcg levels may be still a bit too low, like Tamara has said.

    When are you using the Maybe Baby?? Is it first thing in the morning??

    I have read somewhere that you can get ferning on a Maybe Baby if you are pg.

    Good luck and when you feel ready please come and join the wonderful girls in the TTCAML forum as all the girls have been through a loss/m/c themselves. I know you will recieve loads of support and advice in there.

    Oh and welcome to BB.

    dust: :bdust:

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