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Thread: Short Periods but +ve OPK

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    Default Short Periods but +ve OPK

    Hi all, My last 2 cycles I have had LH surges on days 17 & 18 respectively, but my periods have only lasted 2 days at the most - is this a problem? Usually they last 4-5 days, and now that it has happened 2 cycles in a row, I am wondering if this could mean something??? Does it mean I am not ovulating?? - I wouldn't have thought so if I am getting +ve's on my OPK's - any ideas would be greatly appreciated...

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    I haave never heard of there being any problem from having short AF.... your ++ opk's sound like you are Oing regularly.
    So, to me, it sounds like you have nothing to worry about . But if you have anymore Q's don't hesitate to ask


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    Have also read that short periods can mean hormonal problems ie - low progesterone. Does anybody know anything else about this???

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    I used to have erratic, short or non exsistent periods but I have PCOS and I never ovulated.I'd say if you are ovulating then there isn't a problem. If you wanted to be extra sure you could see your GP and get them to test your hormone levels and to check to make sure you are actually ovulating.


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