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Thread: Still a Negative and no AF

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    12bliss Guest

    Default Still a Negative and no AF

    So i did another test this morning (14dpo) and a BFN still, no sign of AF coming, BUT over the last week i have had cramps on and off that last for about 30 seconds each, my bb's are tender but more like a bruising.....

    Whats going on - i read about woman not getting their BFP until later on after their first missed period but i dont think this is me.

    A little more info - i started clomid this month and thought it may have somthing to do with that. i havent had any implantation spotting or any other side effects and its driving me nuts.

    what do i thinkkk

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    Good morning 12bliss,
    If AF hasn't arrived try and arrange a bt. Easiest way to get a definete result ( for a BFP).

    I am currently nearly 5 weeks pg and I have no symptoms and didn't have an implanation bleed.

    A bt would probably be the best idea.

    Best of luck,

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    beastie Guest


    i had a BFP after five days my AF should come.

    i would wait for a few days and test again...

    good luck for you!
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    mariekk Guest


    Im a first timer not sure what to expect, my AF is always irregular im hopless at keeping track but my last AF i can only remember due to the fact i got it when i was at a very important event. The last Af was the 28th july so im around 16 days late i have done numerous HPT all negative last one was this afternoon, has anyone been this late before and had a positve result or could it be something else

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    I went through the exact same thing that both you two ladies (12Bliss and Mariekk) are going through, myself last month. My cycle was out to 50 days, so I went to my GP who sent me for bt to see if there was a pg (that wasn't viable; so it wouldn't show up on all the HPT's I had done). There was no pg & it also showed that I was o'ing normally etc... so the GP just put it down to my hormones 'playing up' this month. She also gave me a referral to get an internal & external u/s to check my ovaries, uterus etc... b/c we are really ttc. Yours could be the same thing or maybe you are pg, but it is taking a while to show up?

    Best bet to go to your GP who will send you for BT to be sure that you are / aren't pg and check your hormones etc....

    Good luck

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    12bliss Guest


    yeah well my AF ended up coming 2 days late, and boy did she make an appearance! goo luck to you mariekk!

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    mariekk Guest


    It could be hormones stress who knows but still no AF, I really should go to the doctor but im hopless when it comes to that, i will go and see the doctor for a blood test i just really hate needles. I really appreciate the advice and support guys ttx.

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