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Thread: it necessary?

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    elly Guest

    Default it necessary?

    I am curently ttc no.2 and af is not due until Monday but i really don't feel pregnant.

    For my next cycle i thought i would consider temping. Has anyone else had a good experience with this? and what type of thermometre do i need to buy?
    I would also use opk's but definately NOT the ebay cheapies as i found with them that you get what you pay for.



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    Elly I am also tcc #2. I have just used Fortel OPK, I found them to be very good, although I havent used any others. I think they are $20 for 5 from coles or woolies etc. I tested yesterday and had a line neally the same as the control line, did another test about 8 hours later and got +ive. My DH works away and is home 1 week in my cycle so I got them just to be sure!!

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    Hi Elly

    I did temps and just brought your standard $10 digital thermometer from the chemist. You have to be strict when you do it and take it at the same time each morning as soon as you wake up. If you know your body and when you ovulate eg EWCM etc, then there probably is really no great need to temp.


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    This is my 3rd cycle of temping and i'm finding it really interesting - seeing as I knew nothing about thermal shifts, CM, etc, beforehand!! i'd definitely recommend it. I bought a Basal thermometer, it cost about $23 - it only goes to one decimal place though - if I was to buy again i'd buy one that goes to 2 decimal places, so that your temperatures don't look so "flat".

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