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Thread: What is the earliest you would do a HPT?

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    Default What is the earliest you would do a HPT?

    I normally have a 24 day cycle - I ovulate on day 14 with a 10 day luteal phase. I have had 2 early M/Cs over the last couple of months if that makes any difference - probably not?

    What is the earliest you would do a HPT if you were me? I have some of the 10miu ones coming, and I am on day 19 today. Although I should say that I ovulated on day 15 this month.

    Gosh I hope this all makes some sense


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    I did a hpt on 10 days post ovulation... which was the day I would have expected to get my period.. I did get a very feint positive that day. i also used one of those 10iu ones, because it said you could test before youre period was due. I think I wuld wait till the day of or maybe a day or so before you would expect your period to start... but I dont really know much about it!

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    I'd wait til day 25 at least, otherwise you are likely to be wasting your money. I know it's really hard to do when you think might be pg but it's best to wait til you are late. I speak from experience - many wasted tests that never showed anything until I was late.

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    i got a faint positive on the 1omiu tests at 10DPO. i probably would test any earlier than that, so that means testing for you around day 24/25.

    good luck!

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    Hi Megsmum so sorry to hear of your losses... :hugs:

    Implantation *generally* happens between 5-8dpo with day 5 being the average - so *they* say! It takes a good 36 hours for hcg to be detectable in your urine after that (obviously it's detectable in your blood earlier). So, you can see it will depend on when implantation occurs for you.

    Using 10miu tests I have had a feint but clear positive at 8dpo. This is early though so keep that in mind... I then got a darker result at 9dpo and a very dark result at 10dpo.

    I would suggest for accuracy purposes that you wait until you are 10dpo.
    Wishing you a for this month! PLease let us know how you go...

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    I would wait about 10 days past ovulation.
    That's allowing for implantation to happen up to 8dpo and then a couple of days extra for your HCG to rise enough to be detected.
    The earliest I've got a faint positive with a 10miu test was at 11dpo.
    Good luck!

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